Our Services

  • Industrial Facilities Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Services
  • Manpower Services
  • Instrumentation Services
  • Logistics Equipment
  • Pipeline Design, Fab, Installation & Manitenance
  • Logistics
  • Local Support Services
  • Business Development

We are involved in several activities relating to industrial facility works with the aim of maintaining existing assets, increasing output and preserving asset value. Our competence cuts across manufacturing, production and drilling facilities/assets in various sectors.
We are experienced with all types of metals and combine the expertise of our global partners in implementing ISO certified processes and technologies.

Our service capabilities across industrial facilities include;

  • - Maintenance/Upgrades
  • - QA/QC
  • - Certification, Inspection, Testing
  • - Heavy lifting/ Access Services & Equipment
  • - NDT & Corrosion Monitoring
  • - Fabrication , Construction, Installation

From the daily project/ production technical consumables to large -scale turnkey projects, Marshal is technically capable to ensure the requirements are met to spec and on time.
Our capability covers the fabrication and construction of;

  • - Staircases / Stair Rails
  • - Helidecks
  • - Piles, Fences and Porches
  • - Steel beams and columns/ structural steel components
  • - Composite decks and faced- roof cladding
  • - Steel storage tanks for water and petroleum products
  • - Skids
  • - Cable racks

Project Management Along with our partners, Marshal is capable of providing project management and consulting services driven by our ability to develop strong relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and requirements. In this regard, our aim is to ensure asset optimization and revenue maximization from assets and facilities for the bene􀃶t of our clients.

From engineering design to field installations, we commit to each project from inception to completion by assigning the required human, operational and technological resources.

Marshal International Contractors Limited has the capacity and personnel in various engineering and administrative discipline, Skilled, Semi-skilled and unskilled labour to manage your project from start to finish with aim of saving cost for the client yet achieving best quality within project schedule.

With decades of partnership with global brands & stockists in our chosen sectors, Marshal offers procurement and expediting services in line with client requirements.

Our team have verifiable experience in operating various inventory management systems including “Just in time” systems, “Call off” orders, “Kan Ban” systems & managed stock within customer facilities.

Our aim is to be the market leader in providing supply chain management and procurement service solutions that aim to;

  • - Decrease inventory investment
  • - Reduce downtime
  • - Ensure continuous production
  • - Be cost effective

In the course of our procurement business, we have formed lasting relationships with clients and customers alike and this enables us to keep reviewing the entire process with the aim of improving the products and services. Our experience in procuring various materials for our clients is vast. Our scope includes materials, spares and tools that aid the powering, transportation, measurement & control of various commodities across different sectors.

Mechanical & Piping
  • - Large & small bore valves
  • - Elbows & bends
  • - Expansion joints
  • - Pipe & spring support equipment (clamps & hangers)
  • - Basket Strainers
  • - Skids
  • - Chain Drives
  • - Pneumatics
  • - Seals and Rings
  • - Structural Steel components (plates, bars etc)
  • - Connectors, couplings
  • - Line Pipes
  • - Flanges, range weld testers
  • - Gaskets & Insulation kits
  • - Pigging tools and equipment
  • - Pumps
  • - Offshore baskets
  • - Bearings & Housings
  • - Conveyor belts and belt drives
  • - Hydraulics
  • - Stud-bolts & Nuts
  • - Platform Trolleys
  • - JIB Cranes
  • - Valves
Specialised Equipment
  • - Early Production facilities
  • - Chemical Injection packages
  • - Electric Motors
  • - Distribution boards
  • - Circuit breakers
  • - Switchgears
  • - Terminals & Connectors
  • - Cables
  • - Load Centre Panels
  • - Enclosures and Junction boxes
  • - Fuses - Electrification & data transfer components in industrial environments (Bars and festoonstrolleys, Rails, connectors, Spring reels, Slip rings)
Instrumentation & Control
  • - Transmitters (temperature/pressure)
  • - Meters
  • - Pulsation dampeners
  • - Gas Actuated thermometers
  • - Switches (temperature & pressure)
  • - Pressure limiters
  • - Accessories
  • - Revolutionary Permanent Down-hole Gauges via Acoustic Data Ltd for measuring pressure and temperature.
Fire & Safety Products
  • - Hoses
  • - Fire alarm systems
  • - Hose Reels
  • - Fire fighting vehicles
  • - Fire fighting foams
  • - Hydrants
  • - Pumps
  • - Valves
Agricultural Products
  • - Silos
  • - Cleaners
  • - Chain & 􀃸ight conveyors
  • - Temperature Monitoring & Control Systems
  • - Industrial fans
  • - Dryers
  • - Mixers
  • - Belt/Bucket Elevators
  • - Unloading systems
  • - Augers

Marshal International works with both local and international companies to recruit highly experienced contractors for the oil and gas and manufacturing sectors around Africa. We aspire to provide technical, operational and managerial professionals to these sectors on a long-term basis.

Our professionals come from a mix of different career heights ranging from junior levels to managerial levels and everything in between.

Our recruitment campaign draws certified professionals from all continents of the world and we are able to fill positions across the value chain of Exploration, Production and Manufacturing activity.

Our talent pool includes disciplines that cut across;

  • - Engineering and Project Management
  • - Welding and Fabrication
  • - Production and Maintenance
  • - Drilling and Completions
  • - Electrical Works
  • - Process Engineering
  • - Water Engineering
  • - Inspection and Quality Assurance/ Quality Management
  • - Health and Safety
  • - Security
  • - Offshore Crews

At Marshal, we provide high quality equipment for measuring, indicating and recording several parameters in production facilities such as flow rates, temperature, pressure, levels, distance and angles.

In addition to our other branded products, we are partners to Acoustic Data Ltd, whose revolutionary permanent down-hole temperature and pressure monitoring gauge is our flagship product in providing instrumentation services. Their “Sonic Gauge” system is an invention of its proprietors using Acoustic technology integrated with communication capabilities used for real-time down-hole data gathering and transmission.

The injection of the “Sonic Guage” to the operations of major oil players around the world has been revolutionary in terms of cost savings and data acquisition frequency and the introduction of this technology in Nigeria by Marshal has been a resounding success.
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Marshal supplies bulk material handling equipment & spares for manufacturing, warehousing,porthandling operations as described below.

Bulk material handling – Marshal leases and procures forklifts, reach trucks, radio shuttles, reach stackers and cranes of different capacities in addition to crushers, stackers, reclaimers for storing and transporting raw materials, bulk materials and finished goods.

Cargo Handling - We procure equipment that provides energy & data to various cargo handling equipment. These include electrification of RTG cranes, cable festoons, conductor rails and energy guiding chains.

Offshore Logistics Equipment Available:-

  • - Jack up barges
  • - Platform support vessels
  • - A&R Winches
  • - Special A&R Tools
  • - Offshore pipe lay vessel
  • - S-Lay Pipe Handling systems
  • - J-Lay Pipe Handling systems
  • - Reel Lay systems
  • - Mooring Systems

Along with our partners, we possess the capability to undertake pipeline design, construction, installation and maintenance projects in both onshore and offshore locations in Nigeria in line with the highest HSE and quality standards. Broadly, our capability includes:-

Design Services
Our design team provides piping design and engineering services to engineering contractors and customers for a variety of refinery, offshore, water, petrochemical and other industrial projects.

Installation Services
We provide a full cradle to the grave service which includes:-

  • - Clearing & Grading
  • - ROW Construction
  • - Offshore transport, loading/ offloading equipment
  • - Ditching
  • - Engineering & Bending
  • - Field Fabrication
  • - Lower-In
  • - Tie-Ins
  • - Backfiill
  • - Hyrdo Testing
  • - Remediation

Pipeline Integrity Services
Our approach to pipeline integrity is centred around mitigating the risks in transporting hazardous cargo through pipelines across challenging terrains. Our goal is to extend the life of aging pipeline installations and ensure integrity through predictive maintenance. To this, we are qualified to provide the following services:-

  • - Wellhead maintenance
  • - Hook-up line and flow-line replacements
  • - Sectional replacements and leak repair
  • - Flow station maintenance
  • - Painting and Coating

At Marshal, our involvement includes an end-to-end service which ensures that materials/people/equipment are utilised applied/delivered efficiently in line with client requirements. We recognize the very specific needs and often specialised long term storage and transport requirements of our clients when transporting specific materials and our ability to adhere strictly to this often to these requirements, sets us apart from our competition.

At the centre of all our logistics operations is the need to observe all health & safety requirements and this philosophy remains at the centre of all our operations. We provide logistics services and equipment as described below;

Onshore Logistics Services
With our warehouse and stacking yard strategically located in Lagos & Port Harcourt and a fleet of road transport vehicles, MICL is able to procure transport, store, sort and deliver materials and equipment for our clients throughout Nigeria.
We also provide fully insured, air-conditioned saloon and SUV’s for the movement of clients around Nigeria.

Offshore Marine Logistics Services
Marshal can provide a wide range of Vessel Chartering Services to meet our clients various marine requirements for both shallow and deep operations.
Our partner Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels are designed to provide anchor handling and towage services for semi submersibles, platform jackets, barges and production modules/vessels.
These vessels are equipped for pre fighting, transport, rescue operations & oil recovery. The AHTS are capable of operating in almost any location and at any sea depth.
In addition, Marshal can provide oil field support vessels to support accommodation, construction, towage, personnel and material transfers in all operating environments.

Logistics Equipment
Marshal supplies bulk material handling equipment and spares for manufacturing, ports & cargo handling operations as described below;

Bulk material handling - Marshal leases and procures various cranes of different capacities in addition to crushers, stackers, reclaimers, for storing and transporting raw materials, bulk materials and finished goods.

Cargo Handling - We procure equipment that provides energy & data to various cargo handling equipment. These include electrification of RTG cranes, cable festoons, conductor rails and energy guiding chains.

In response to the panorama of challenges thrown up by the Nigerian economy, we now have the above department in place. Foreign companies desirous of operating within our jurisdiction need the steady support of a local company to provide guidance and direction in order to reduce or cushion the entry costs for the company.

Our involvement as "Local Support Services" provider ensures that foreign entrants into the Nigerian business environment take minimum time to achieve maximum results.

To this end, we are able provide for our partners;

  • - Visa assistance services
  • - Meet & greet airport services
  • - Airport transfers
  • - Provision of local manpower and equipment
  • - Payroll services
  • - Office and workshop facilities

These services ensure a seamless physical entry of the personnel of our partners in Nigeria and that product(s) and service(s) to be deployed meet local pre-qualification requirements.

On an on-going basis, Marshal is constantly studying the business environment with the aim of providing an improved product or service in our sectors of operation.

We seek new technologies, processes and materials that improve on already existing results in a safe, cost effective and timely manner.

Along with our network of consultants and clients, our business development and supply chain teams are perfectly positioned to introduce new products and services to Nigeria that deliver on our corporate goals.